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Hey gang, any song suggestions? Any info or comments? Feel free to use my guest book to share your thoughts!

Daizy, Fort Myers

Thanks so very much to all of you for reaching out! This has been a tough time for all and I hope each of you are well and safe. Please keep checking my calendar to see where I will be playing next, and as always, THANK YOU for supporting live local music!


We met at the hospital. Hope your friend is doing ok. p.s. I have help to make over 120 albums.

Eddie Krzeminski, Naples

Cant wait to rock again!

Karen Turczyn, Fort Myers

Love you Daizy. I will see you soon..

Pam Considine , South Fort Myers

Hey Daizy! Sorry I haven’t been in touch for so long. Seems like ages since I saw you! Anyway, I hope to see you soon as a duo with Patrick, or Radio Road or Daizy Chain in the very near future. Congrats on all the new gigs!

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